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Especially when it comes to the enterprise, it can be a perilous journey to find the appropriate level of talent at the appropriate time. Naturally, this appears to be an order of magnitude more challenging for many people whenever they are attempting to resolve issues associated with business development or otherwise satisfy an urgent requirement.

Although there are many choices available to you, selecting the one that caters to your requirements in the most efficient manner can be a challenging task in and of itself. Is it the right project, do we have the right amount of work, and is it the right time to hire a full-time employee? Will a free agent bring the skills and experience you require to the table? When is working with an agency the best solution possible?

Today, we’ll do our best to answer those questions and help point you in the direction of a solution that takes into account the requirements and objectives of your organization.

Working with a Freelancer

Collaborating with freelancers requires some advance planning, and you should make sure that your team is completely ready for the move before you start working with freelancers. You need to have a solid onboarding procedure in place for freelancers, a solid understanding of your own needs, and clear expectations regarding the work that needs to be done in order to get your project moving forward on the right track.

Although freelancing has long been common in many fields, such as writing and marketing, an increasing number of businesses in the technology sector, such as artificial intelligence and rapid prototyping, are reaping the benefits of working with independent contractors.

You may not always be able to obtain the dependable and skilled talent you require, but the fact of the matter is that in today’s industry, many of the top performers are consciously choosing to freelance over traditional employment options. This may make it more difficult for you to find the talent you need. This indicates that freelancers might very well have the high-demand, difficult-to-find specialized skills that you’re looking for.

In addition to these, there are obvious indications that it is time for you to start working with independent contractors.

Limited team capacity

It’s not uncommon for teams to be at capacity, making it impossible to take on additional responsibilities or start new projects. By using freelancers, you can quickly assemble the best team possible and avoid putting additional strain on an already overworked group.

The Value of Agility

By definition, freelancers can fill positions rapidly because they are adaptable and scalable. The use of freelancers can help keep projects on track when there isn’t enough time for a thorough search and hiring process..

Expanding your talent pool

Freelancers can help businesses that need to expand their search for qualified workers to other areas of the world. Using freelancers is a great way to explore new markets while keeping costs low and expanding your company’s reach..


Some businesses hire independent contractors so they can keep overheads down. If your business has more than 15 full-time workers, you must investigate EEOC regulations, and if you have more than 50, you must comply with the Affordable Care Act. The use of freelancers can help an organization get things done without having to hire more employees. However, before treating anyone as an independent contractor, you should look into the relevant laws in your state and the federal government.

In contrast, relying solely on freelancers can leave you vulnerable to unforeseen problems. It’s possible that they’re juggling a number of projects for various clients at once, despite the fact that they typically work remotely and cut down on staff. This might not be a problem for a while, but it could indicate that your team isn’t getting the care and consideration it requires.

Because freelancers often follow the money, you may find that you can’t count on them when you really need them. Constantly weigh the short-term and long-term advantages and disadvantages of using freelance talent to fill a position or assist with a project.

Full-Time Employment

In the long run, a full-time employee can be more expensive than a freelancer because of the costs associated with providing an office, benefits, training, and salary increases—all of which are of less importance to a freelancer. Still, permanent workers are more trustworthy and can be trained to meet specific needs. More money usually means more dependability, continuity, and consistency in focus and output.

Additionally, investing up front to turn a full-time employee into a specialist allows your business to always have someone on staff who knows the project inside and out, which is especially helpful when venturing into a new market or trying out new technology.

Employees who work for a company full-time are more invested in its success and more likely to work toward its goals because of the stability that this commitment provides. Even though it can take several weeks or months to complete the hiring process, onboarding, and training of a new employee, there are times when hiring a full-time worker is the best option.

Time Spent on Training

Question: How long will it take to get the freelancer up and running? The money would probably be better spent on hiring a full-time worker.

Supervising Trainees

If the position or project you’re working on requires close supervision, you should probably avoid hiring a freelancer. This is because they may choose to work on it outside of regular business hours, when you’d be unavailable to check in on their progress.

Building a Customer Base

If you’re trying to expand your clientele, freelancing may not be the best option. Your in-house team has a bird’s-eye view of the project and business as a whole, and they can use this encyclopedic knowledge to your advantage when interacting with customers.

Potential for Expansion

One of the benefits of hiring full-time workers is that they can advance in their roles as the company expands. And as the market expands, so do the possibilities for your company to expand. Investing in the professional growth

Choosing an Agency Partner

In today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive business environment, you don’t have to pick between full-time workers and independent contractors. These days, you don’t have to hire a full-time employee just to get the expertise and dependability you need; you can hire a third-party agency or consultancy instead.

Finding an agency that can handle everything from web development to infrastructure administration while also easing the burden on your in-house tech team and improving quality, culture, and communication is no easy task.

This means that working with an agency is often the recommended option.

Just in time need for talent

If you don’t have the right people on staff but have an urgent project that needs to be completed, a company like Pixagon can help you out.

Your current process does not yield results

If your current processes, projects, or configurations aren’t yielding the results you want, it’s time to take a step back and reevaluate. Whether you’re in need of some expert advice or a complete overhaul, a fresh perspective from a new business associate can be just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

You are in need of tailored solutions

The right agency can broaden the scope of what is feasible for your project or business, whether it’s a to-be-built custom web application, a redesign, or a complete reimagining.

You need to create free time

Working with the right partner allows you to concentrate on growing your business while the agency handles any potential problems. It’s more important for even the best internal teams to advance the company’s goals than to fix every unforeseen technical problem that arises. You can concentrate on driving while the right agency worries about things like oil changes and tire pressure.


A partnership is usually the best option when a project or situation requires rapid curation of reliable talent. With a dependable and skilled partner, you won’t have to waste time conducting lengthy hiring processes or screening freelancers, and you’ll get the solutions you need much more quickly.

You need someone dependable to have your back at hard times

Because neither your systems nor your customers operate between the hours of 9 and 5, partnering with an agency like Pixagon ensures that your team of subject matter experts is accessible at any time. Your partner has your back no matter what time of day or night it is because they use proactive monitoring and work hand in hand with the staff that you already have on site.

Wrapping Up

Full-time employees, freelancers and agencies all have their uses in the modern business world. When you have a limited budget or a project that needs attention quickly, it is often a good idea to complement your team with a freelancer. This is especially true if the project is of shorter duration.

On the other hand, making a permanent hire can be extremely beneficial for your company in the long run, as it will allow your team, talent, and capabilities to develop deeper roots, thereby propelling your company further into the future.

On the other hand, the right agency partnership can provide outstanding solutions to the technical challenges you face without breaking the bank or compromising your mission. This can be accomplished without sacrificing the integrity of your organization’s purpose. Get in touch with us right away if you have any questions about forming a partnership with Pixagon or if you want to find out how we can meet the specific requirements of your company by delivering customized solutions.