Need Help with Migrating to WordPress?

Our team of experienced engineers and developers can assist you in migrating your existing WordPress website to a new host or migrating from a third-party or proprietary content management system.

We have the experience to support you!

With backgrounds in PHP, Java, Python, .NET, and other languages and platforms, we have assisted leading multinational companies in migrating to more powerful hosting environments as well as building WordPress-powered solutions to power their businesses over the years.

Migrations of databases and servers


Our backend engineers can handle database migrations, easily moving your data from one database management system to another while preserving all of your entries and maintaining the database’s integrity.

If your current server is unable to handle the load of your website, we can handle and execute a server migration and move your site to a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud server. We accomplish this by analyzing your existing website’s resource usage, identifying bottlenecks, and recommending a viable hosting plan


Migrating to a New Hosting Vendor


Our team can migrate your existing website to a new hosting vendor if you’re not happy with their service or if their existing packages don’t meet the demands of your site. Before migrating your site, we will examine your site to determine the exact needs and move it to one of our reliable hosting partners.


Our Best Practices for Successful Site Migration

Our team can handle your hosting setup, WordPress migration, and site speed and security optimization.

Initial Investigation: Migration Amount

We will conduct an initial discovery call to determine the scope of migration before we begin working on your project. We will collaborate with you to determine the size and popularity of your site, as well as where your current platform is falling short in terms of performance.

Migration Execution

If you need a database migration, we will analyze your current database structure and platform to recommend the best solution.
A few deciding factors for server migrations include site traffic and size, which will determine whether a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud server is the best option.
And, if you require a new hosting provider, we will recommend a reputable company with experience with the type of setup your website requires.

Managing the Hosting Setup

We will manage your hosting setup throughout the duration of the project. Depending on the needs of your website, our technical team will recommend one of three possible solutions.
For smaller sites, a combination of regular hosting and managed WordPress hosting is available.
If you have a small website with little traffic, we recommend a combination of managed WordPress and regular hosting.

For Large Websites: Dedicated or Cloud

We recommend a dedicated server or cloud services for clients with large websites. We spend a significant amount of time planning, setting up, and configuring your infrastructure, as well as providing management services and best coding practices to ensure security and stability.
We can use load balancers and mirror servers to ensure your site is always accessible when it requires scaling.

Business and marketing strategy advice

Throughout the project, we can provide advice on your business and marketing strategy, as well as assist you in driving more traffic, generating more leads, and achieving the best possible ROI.

Constant Update and Support

After your platform has been successfully migrated, we can provide ongoing support and development to ensure that it remains secure and scalable while providing the best possible experience to your visitors. We believe in long-term business relationships, so we will continue to work on your platform to add features and improve speed.

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