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Our WordPress Development Retainers

We are committed to ensuring long-term development, support, and innovation for your WordPress platform.

We’ll keep your site ahead of the pack.

Pixagon specializes in optimizing and maintaining WordPress sites for top-notch performance, security, and scalability.


We optimize code and database queries, leverage caching and content delivery networks (CDNs), minimize HTTP requests, compress and optimize assets, using a lightweight framework, implement asynchronous processing, and utilize server-side and client-side caching techniques to ensure high performance and SEO compatibility.


We use encryption, implement secure authentication and access controls, sanitize and validate user input, employ secure coding practices, regularly update and patch software, conduct security audits, and use web application firewalls and intrusion detection systems to ensure high level of security


We choose the right architecture, optimize code and database queries, use caching and CDNs, employ horizontal scaling with load balancers, and implement asynchronous processing for efficient task handling to pave way for high scalability

When do you need WordPress Retainers?

Building a reliable and scalable web platform is an ongoing project. A web platform that is both stable and scalable is not something that can be built in a day. With our WordPress retainers, you can outsource your technical stack to a team of experts who are dedicated to fixing your issues and growing your business.


An expert team of designers, developers, product and project managers will solve your challenges and work towards your goal – to increase revenue.

Highest Code Standards

Our WordPress engineers will keep your platform up to the highest code standards and add new features building a strong web structure.

How our Retainer process works at Pixagon

Our WordPress retainers process is designed to work seamlessly with your collaboration. Here’s how we make it happen!



During the discovery stage, we embark on a crucial journey of gathering information, defining goals, and laying a strong foundation for the project. It is a pivotal phase that sets the tone for the entire development process and ensures that all stakeholders are aligned with a clear understanding of the project’s scope, objectives, and limitations. Our primary objective during this stage is to gather insights and set the course for success.

Collaboration Planning

This stage includes organizing and coordinating the efforts of a multidisciplinary team to work together on your website effectively. It involves establishing clear communication channels, defining roles and responsibilities, and promoting a collaborative environment. In short, we build the right environment for an agile development process ensuring flexibility and fast delivery.



This is our most important stage where we find the right balance, optimizing productivity without sacrificing quality. We re-establish the structure of prioritization and sequence of tasks, optimize workflows and fine-tune our collaboration for high-quality and high-speed deployment.




The process of expanding and adapting a website changes in order to accommodate growing user demand, increased traffic, and evolving business needs. We optimize your infrastructure, improve performance, and enhance the capacity of the system to handle higher volumes of users and data. With time we will have set up the basic structure for your technology stack and have acquired a deeper understanding of your business goals. This is the nirvana stage where we adjust time allocation as you need, while you concentrate on excelling in your business.

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